Consultation in relation to the development of strategies to protect copyright works and support authors and rightsholders.

Legal support for cultural and creative industries such as productions, printed and electronic publications, theatrical and dance performances, sports events, cultural and entertainment activities, product and services exhibitions.

Legal services covering the whole spectrum of audiovisual production from the development, financing, licencing and production of audiovisual content through to distribution and exploitation; we provide consultation on Greek production incentive schemes.

Drafting and negotiation of copyright and related rights assignment and license agreements as well as agreements on the marketing and commercial exploitation of copyright works.

Expert legal advice on the protection, marketing, and commercialization of literary, historical, scientific, and artistic works of any form, architectural works, graphics and works of applied art, computer programs and databases.

Representation of authors, artists and production companies in transactions and IP agreements.

Legal research and analysis and elaboration of proposals for legislative, regulatory and ethical provisions on behalf of authorities and organizations engaged in the field of copyright and related rights protection.

Participation in stakeholder discussions on the implementation of EU Directives and national sector-specific measures in the field of copyright and related rights protection on behalf of commercial and professional associations.

Rightsholders representation before the competent Courts and administrative authorities in cases of piracy and copyright infringements online and offline.

Consultation to rightsholders and collective management organizations in relation to the sector-specific legislation and practices in Greece.

Litigation in resolution of disputes related to copyright infringement.